I’ll take a side of wit with my politics

September is an important month in our country, and with more campaign news than one could handle, you might want to try digesting it in a different way. In case you wanted to follow the election in a non-traditional manner or balance your network news with something a bit more “wonky,” I’ll suggest a trip over to THE SPRINT for some insightful political blogging. I can personally guarantee that it is really a fair and balanced look at the political race, with honest conservative, moderate and liberal viewpoints on the issues at hand. [Don’t worry… no politics here… just make sure you vote and vote often!] I’d highly recommend reading Amy Zegart‘s entries… not only is she one of the most powerful and influential women I personally know, she’s a fierce national intelligence expert, worked with both the Clinton and Bush administrations, and is an avid fan of reality TV!

For the a look from the other coast that’s not as wonky, I’d motion you towards the Columbia Journalism Review. I’ll do that just because my high school idol (and wonderful friend) Megan Garber is on the recap trail and getting rave reviews for her political journals. She once wrote a 5-page rhyming masterpiece about the Miss America pageant just for fun one night… and I’ve crushed on her red curls ever since.

Or… if instead of reading you’d just want to craft away your electoral votes… hit up this awesome collection of DIY election madness! :) I aim to please all factions of readers!