why I’m here

Lewis. by you.

Mr. M, an avid reader of this blog, informed me the other day that I need to “tell more stories” here in this little space. So, in the spirit of sharing a little bit more of me, I’ll start with sharing a story about why I’m here.

From a historical perspective, I’ve been around the internet since the dawn of the web — seriously, ask my mom how I screamed with joy when I saw the first .gif’s pop through our Delphi connection. Before that, I was hopping through telnets and hosting a teen forum on one of the first bay area ISPs at age 11. And since then it seems like I’ve always owned a small spot of real estate in cyberspace. In fact, you can even find my college page on the Google:2001 search engine — back when google wasn’t as great as Yahoo!

In 2003, I jumped into the world of blogging and kept my sanity in check as I wrestled with the post-college world and the duality of my home/work life. And while it was a just a personal blog, I made new friends and exposed my life to anyone who wanted to join in. In the fall of 2006, my “subject de jour” changed over to weddings, and that’s when I joined WeddingBee and started blogging to a much larger audience and the daily routine stuck with me. Concurrently, subject blogs really started emerge and I got hooked… design, crafts, real estate… little things that fed my interests all over the place. Which takes us back to that question I started with: “Why am I here?”

I’m here because I like to share. And I love making new friends. There are a lot of blogs out there that are trying hard to create an certain aesthetic… and while some are completely authentic, others come off as void of personality or just trying too hard. Let me just say that I have too many interests to contain myself to only one love or topic. I’m a generalist at heart… and lust over people who can be truly talented in one area of their life. I mean, just check out those all-inclusive categories on the right! So while I may venture off topic, you will never see anything here that isn’t “me.” In fact, I can’t make anything up because Mr. M would catch me and comment on the lie in the same day! And while I can try hard to be like my grandmother (a real life Martha Stewart), I really am just a normal working girl trying hard to make life special and unique.

So, dear readers, I’ve shared a small story but if you’d like to know more, just ask it here and I promise to respond. And if you don’t ask, I’ll just share anyway, because I really like talking to you.


  • StefK

    This is a great post, and I agree with Mr. M. I like hearing stories about you and, in particular, how you came to be such a fabulous blogger. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Julie

    That is too cute that Mr. M reads your blog. My husband is totally embarrassed by the fact that I have a blog and “waste time” reading the blogs of other people I don’t actually know, and would never “waste” his time reading mine! (Conveniently, that does make it easier to complain about him, should I need to do so…)

  • Cathleya

    A refreshing tall (haha) drink of Kimberly was what I needed today! Its great to get to know more about you through your creativity and personality too!

  • Nette

    Really like this post. I think the best part of blog world is sharing and it really is a great way to unleash thoughts, ideas, finds, etc.

  • leah

    I like this idea and will gladly listen, but I’m terrible at asking questions.

    We should all strive to make life special and unique. It would inevitably be so for all of us.

  • Sherry

    Well, I’m glad that you decided to stake out your own little patch of the blogosphere. And I think it’s great that Mr M is an avid reader. My husband is my blog’s biggest fan and I always love seeing him laugh or smile while he’s reading a new entry.

  • talda

    it was definitely interesting learning a bit. i loved reading about your wedding planning and such while you were on the ‘bee and i’m excited i was able to stumble upon your little corner of the internet here. thanks for being so open and welcoming in a slight stranger! can’t wait to read more. :-)

  • erin

    I like your mini-posts! And stories, and clip its and all!!! I definately think your blog has it’s own personality!! Keep it up!

  • Jen

    I love this! This is what I’m always trying to achieve – generalism and being true to me and not worrying if I’m alienating readers with certain subjects or only blogging about specific things. Blogs like yours make me feel better about that!