a plan gone awry

I had a noble cause. I cooked meals for a week straight. I stocked up on perishables, and even stocked up on milk and OJ for our breakfasts. And then, it all went awry.

I came home yesterday and opened the fridge to grab some milk. And it was WARM. The fan wasn’t running, no seal was cracked, but the fridge wasn’t the slightest bit cold. I ran to reset the breaker, but still… no hope. Thus began the task of emptying the contents of the fridge into endless trash bags and within an hour the deed was done. I called in and made a warranty claim (good job on buying the 5-year extended plan when it breaks within 6 months!) and found out relief would not arrive until next week. And all I could think was, “Thank goodness we’re going out of town for the weekend.” And I then I made the fateful call to Mr. M and asked him to pick up something on the way home. Ugh.

Yet sometime around 7pm, I heard a slight hum… and magically the fridge decided to turn on, get cold and resume its normal operating schedule. This morning, it was like an evil elf stole all of our food from the fridge. There were no other signs of distress. Yet I cannot bring myself to trust it to work while we’re gone… so tonight will be an easy meal that requires dry materials and something small and fresh from the market.  And perhaps next week, we can try again. *sigh*


  • Cathleya

    Is it a tuna helper night or what? Cause it is for me!

    Then again, Tuna Helper doesn’t really seem like your thing. I can almost FEEEL you dry heaving as you read this message :)

  • Julie

    Haha, your plan gone awry is my dream come true! A fridge on the fritz would mean a week off of cooking… a girl can dream, can’t she? *sigh* If I mail you tonight’s spinach lasagna (and I’ll throw in my straight-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip pudding pumpkin bread as an extra bribe), can I have your busted refrigerator so I can take some time off of cooking?!

  • Mr. M

    Whoah…mind roaming, mouth salivating…Julie, yes please pass on the recipe for something called “chocolate chip pudding pumpkin bread.”

  • Julie

    Mr. M — the recipe for the chocolate chip pudding pumpkin bread is up on my blog! It is absolutely divine, so I suggest you make it ASAP. :)