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it’s safe to eat sushi

Every family needs to have their “safety food” for eating out. A certain cuisine or favorite location that will undoubtedly please every member of your family so that you can consume food outside of the confines of your house, not make a scene, and feel normal every now and then. For the M family… that food is sushi.

We’re not sure if it’s the small little plates, the endless finger food options available, the salt & vinegar sauces or the chopsticks, but Japanese food and Miss L just really go well together. Since she’s been a toddler, her menu choices have been limited to rice and edamame for the most part. Then she discovered sunomono and became obsessed. Then it was miso soup and California rolls… so we thought she was pretty well rounded until a recent sushi outing.

That’s when we thought we’d give her some hamachi and see how she reacted. And she kept eating it. So we ordered another order of hamachi nigiri. And she devoured it. Then she went after my shrimp tempura, avocado & salmon roll. And wanted more.

L eats sushi – June 2012 from Kimberly Michelle on Vimeo.

On the one hand, we’re super excited that she’s gobbling up one of our favorite foods… but on the other hand, we’re slowly realizing that her culinary appetite might put us in diner-debt sooner than later. Oh well. It’s fun to watch little kids eat sushi!

(p.s. all evidence that a child was sitting at that table was removed from the floor and seating area before we left – i.e. dropped sushi roll – we do want to be welcomed back to our favorite restaurants!)


    • Kim

      LOL! This was 2 Sundays ago, but your tweet reminded me that I hadn’t posted the video yet ;)

      Did E love her sushi?

  • Melinda

    This is amazing! I love that you all introduced it to her and that she’s so adventurous. I hope our hypothetical future children jump on the sushi bandwagon too.

  • Kate

    So much of this reminds me of eating in our house, like the devouring of the shrimp, and the having a full mouth!

    Do you guys have a “sit on your hands” rule when you’re out to eat?