dear Valentine…

2008_10_23 by you.

Tomorrow afternoon… sometime around 4pm… my dear friend Nora will be married!!! Back on Valentine’s Day in 1998, we both stood up for ourselves during our senior year of high school and dumped some silly boys out of our lives… and instead we chose to become each other’s Valentine’s. We still keep that nickname for each other, and I am certain that will never go away. In college, our school rivalries never got in the way of hugs at halftime during the big game — despite the “booo’s” we received while getting them. When “real life” began, we helped to weather each others storms with monumental Vegas trips, Friday night chats, and somehow got each other to a place where we could find love. And then, with the help of some sort of magic dust, we both met the last boys of our lives within a month of each other.

There is nothing but love and hope in my heart for my wonderful friend and her boy. But Shaun… watch out! She’ll always be my Valentine!


  • Michelle

    How cute. My college roommate, Lisa and I share a similar story. Never the relationship type, I thought she would never settle down. She met her now husband in September of 2003 and I started dating Chris just a year later. We married our guys 1 year apart. We hung out so much in college that we called each other “girlfriend” and decided upon our marriages that we had to “break up.” But secretly, we are still girlfriends. Congrats to your Valentine!