the easy way to print fabric

I’m sure you may have come across the site Spoonflower before, as it was mentioned on a blog or two while it was an “invitation only” service. Essentially, you send them a pattern/design and they send it back to you as FABRIC!

But as of today, the wonderful service is open to everyone! The price is $18/yard… but if you can make whatever you want with that… it’s quite the steal!

Here are some of the fabulous things people are creating with it:

[from dozi]

Persimmon_2 by juneprints.
[from junecraft]

CircusFabric_1 by juneprints
[from junecraft]

Spoonflower fabric, detail by howtouseart
[from howtouseart]

Your imagination & computer are the only things holding you back! So go out there and make some fabric!!!