what’s on my desk… 10.29.08

The first of the pumpkins to get the knife this week… the white pumpkins! But instead of just carving them like their orange brethren, I opted to use the handy dandy power drill to help me out!

IMG_0743 by you.

See… just an ordinary “white” pumpkin! This little guy cost me $2.59 at Nugget (much better bargain than his $5.99 buddy I purchased at Target).

IMG_0745 by you.

Instead of cutting out the top, I lopped off the bottom and scooped out the gooey pumpkin guts with my handy little scraper.

IMG_0747 by you.

For both pumpkins, I made crude guidelines using painters tape. For one, I did vertical lines, and for the other, it was a diagonal pattern. Then, once the holes were drilled, I cleaned them out a bit and wiped off the guts. And then I got to the fun part: adding in the holiday lights! I had a pack of orange and purple 100-light strings from Target ($2.99 each) and worked to poke each light through the holes I had drilled.

IMG_0749 by you.

Then came the great moment of reveal! Behold the lighted pumpkins!!! Pretty snazzy huh? I think they’ll look great next to the carved pumpkins out on our spooky porch! Now if only we could decide how to carve the other 4 pumpkins!

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