halloween for the babies

Tom Arma KoalaTom Arma SkunkTom Arma Frog

Yes…. it’s a couple days late… but I just saw these Tom Arma costumes and realized that everyone in the world who knows a baby should know about them.

Tom Arma ElfTom Arma Gingerbread BabyTom Arma Snowbaby

Then again, they do have a holiday collection. :) These costumes are truly sickly adorable, and while they’re called the “Armani of kids costumes,” $50-60 doesn’t seem  so bad for something adorable. Ack…. so cute!


  • Lindsey

    I love those costumes, but not the price. I found a pattern for them at Hobby Lobby for $0.99 on sale. And I found some grey fabric at JoAnn’s for 30% off. It was like $3-4 for that. My mom had the miscellaneous pieces for it, she sewed it for her (me). It turned out so cute. Here’s a pic:

  • Kimberly B.....

    @Lindsey – Oh wow! That is so cute……how awesome that your mom can sew that. AMAZING! !! I don’t know if I would spend over $35.00 for a costume. I guess I’ll have to if I don’t learn how to sew soon.

  • Mary

    Okay, they’re cute, but would you seriously do that to your baby? Would you trap them in a gingerbread man costume? I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it.

    • kimberly michelle

      @Mary – I’d do it for Christmas photos in a heartbeat. As for strolling around town or a family gathering — doubt it. Then again, I’ve held day jobs where I dress up in silly costumes and take photos all day… so my mind and perspective towards the awesomeness of this may be skewed.