oh how I love the Nugget

It’s a well known fact that the Nugget markets are awesome (even Fortune magazine agrees), but when we saw this on Saturday, it just solidified that fact.

photo(2) by you.

They’re selling freshly stuffed Turducken’s!!! If you’ve never heard of John Madden’s reference, or seen them elsewhere, it’s a boneless turkey stuffed with a duck, then that duck is stuffed with a chicken. They said the average weight was around 16 lbs, so spending over $120 on your meat for Thanksgiving might be too much… but man does it sound like fun!


  • Cathleya

    Ahh yes. The Turducken. It’s all Mark’s friends could talk about around this holiday in College! I forget whether or not they ever got around to making one? I must say, $8 a pound for a handcrafted Turducken, already seasoned up, doesn’t sound like a horrible price! I’d expect they could get away with $14 p/pound just for the sheer novelty of it!