a new feature: tasty goodness

If I ask Mr. M what he wants from the store, “tasty goodness” is often his reply. Sometimes this means his favorite cola, other times it is there to imply a want of something fun. And he often returns the favor when he’s in my shoes. We’re the ultimate purveyors of “random new consumable goods” … and I’ve always wanted to plop it into its own section here on the blog.

So… here it is! I mean, don’t you treat your grocery store like a toy store on some days?

And just to make things a bit more ridiculous, I’ve consulted with my better half and come up with the following yummy rating scale:

=  4 yummy smiles = top rating

And in case there needs to be a 1/2 rating, we’ve got that as well!

So now that we’ve got that all explained… let the reviews commence!



  • Kira

    Lol last week while at Trader Joe’s, I texted M, “Do you want anything?” and he responded “Something interesting.” I think he meant tasty goodness!

  • Stephanie

    This will be fun! I love going to the grocery store and finding new things to try. Trader Joe’s has lots of tasty goodness(es?)! When I have extra time, I like going up and down every aisle to look for stuff I don’t normally see when I’m picking up a specific list of items.