gravatars and other fun!

So with my latest updates to WordPress and such… I’ve decided to fully embrace the idea of “gravatars” here at kimberlymichelle.com. These are the little icons you see next to comments that you’ve left, either here or at other websites and blogs. Technically, that stands for “globally recognized avatars” but that might be too much nerd lingo for you to take.

Now, on this blog, you’ve been randomly assigned a super cool/unique pattern based on an algorhythm from your IP address… but in case you’d like to be a bit more personal wherever you go, you can create your own! Here’s how:

1. Visit http://en.gravatar.com/ and sign up for an account.

2. Either upload a picture/image from your hard drive, link the location to an image you enjoy online, or snap an instant pic with your webcam. The site will help you resize it into an 80×80 image, so while you can edit it before you upload the image, it’s easy to be lazy and let the website do it by itself.

3. Go ahead and comment around the internet using the email address you linked to your gravatar!

Other fun update —> tiered comments! This means you can reply to specific comments, and allows me to comment back without looking so silly about getting to them late in the day! So thrilling… I know!