it’s movie award season!

Vote Milk by Jamison.

I have to say that I got used to “award season” in Los Angeles… almost like it was a real season, since Southern California barely has the typical 4 like the rest of the world. You had to rearrange your traffic patterns on weekends to accomodate the limos, the evening news covered every tiny little ceremony with more furvor than a car chase, and the one-movie houses in Westwood were filled with the “Best of” movies for weeks at a time to lure in the undecided Oscar voters. I always managed to get myself in trouble on Golden Globes Sunday, wondering why Wilshire Blvd. was empty heading into Beverly Hills, and then suddenly I saw the line of limos and knew I was in traffic trouble at only 2pm in the afternoon.

Needless to say, it’s difficult to keep up with all the little films and the buzz up north, and I doubt we’ll get a chance to see the full Oscar lineup before they come out on DVD. I did get a chance to see Milk, and I’ll hand my nod to Sean Penn for Best Actor without pause, and I’m not even a Sean Penn fan at all! And I’ll hope that Meryl Streep wins a Golden Globe for Mamma Mia! just because she’re more than fun in that movie. We also have Slumdog Millionaire on the “must see” list… as everyone keeps talking about it as the favorite for Best Picture… and how could a game show movie be bad?!?

So before the first big awards come out on Sunday… what were your favorites for the year?!?! I’ll share some extra special warm fuzzies if your predictions come true! :)


  • talda

    i saw slumdog over the christmas break and LOVED it! it’s such a great story…kind of depressing in parts but overall you get the nice warm fuzzies. i’d definitely go and buy that on dvd when its released.

  • janie

    i just saw slumdog millionaire and LOVED IT also. It was awesome. Didnt know what to expect, must watch it!

  • Erica

    I didn’t get a chance to see any of the critically acclaimed films this year, but I did love Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder (and I’m not usually a fan of Tom)! Hilarious. I’m dying to see Slumdog Millionaire.

  • Tamara

    Slumdog Millionaire was amazing! You definitely have to see it. I’m looking forward to Milk, and also really want to see Frost/Nixon, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, and the Wrestler as they come out. I wish they’d release some of these movies throughout the year rather than all at once!