learning from each other’s blogs

At this point in my life, I’m not sure I could live without the feed of information I gain from others. I’ve become addicted to learning from my peers via blogs, and you honestly never know when that information will pop up and become useful around your life.

For instance, I followed Stefanie‘s story about the aftermath of her car accident at the end of last month, and read about how much she loved the service that Geico provided. Fast forward to last week, and Mr. M’s insurance renewal arrives in the mail. On a whim, I decided to get an estimate from Geico (based on my recollection of Stef’s experience), and the quote blew Mr. M and I both out of the water. Needless to say, we’re getting both cars insured for $20 less than it cost to insure Mr. M’s car with Progressive.

Did I tell you I love what I learn from blogs?!? And Stef… we need to meet up so I can treat you to some coffee with those pennies you helped me save!


  • jenny

    i just got a quote from geico after reading your blog. i cant believe how much money i saved as well. thanks!!!

  • StefK

    Ooooh wow! I’m SOOOO glad that you were able to get a good deal with Geico. It’s not just about money saved, but incredibly good service, and lately that’s exactly what I’ve had from them (though, in honesty, I hope you (and me) never actually have to use our car insurance! I like insurance that I never actually need, personally)! I do think they are amazing at knocking people’s socks off…Todd previously had State Farm, and when we added him to my existing coverage with Geico, we figured out we’re saving over $1000 per year! Really, really crazy insane. That’s awesome though! I’m so glad to hear that. When are we getting coffee? I’m so down with that!

  • Kim

    I have gotten quotes from Geico in the past and they have always come up more expensive than my current Progressive policy. Maybe the gecko doesn’t like college students…