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Your outstanding performance in this season’s Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football PLUS competition has made you the
potential recipient of one of our League Winner Prizes — a championship bobblehead or t-shirt commemorating your

photo.jpg by you.

WOO HOO!!! Another fantasy football season victory — another BobbleHead doll! :) My ’06 buddy will be so happy to have a friend, especially after my dismal last place finish in 2007.

Any other fantasy sports champions in our midst? Or cheerful participants?


  • Julie


    In our playoffs, it was Me vs. Husband. After all our players had gone, I was ahead of him by one point — so I thought I won. The next day, I was still ahead of him by one point. Then, just before the games started for the final championship round, out of THIN AIR he was suddenly ahead of me by a point. I DON’T KNOW WHERE OR HOW HE CHEATED AND GOT THOSE EXTRA TWO POINTS, but the sneaky little bastard slipped past me into the championship round. During which my score killed everyone else, but I still had to settle for 3rd.

    I run the league, and Husband is not invited back next year! Harrumph.

  • talda

    considering how big a sports fan that i am [and that i work in the industry] i ROYALLY SUCK at fantasy everything. lol. i think that since i’m surrounded by it all day the last thing i want to do is obsess over it when i get home [i don’t even watch sportscenter like i used to!]. i tried baseball last year and would forget i even had a team for weeks at a time, frustrating the league leader to no end because he wanted to trade for my best player. as if. i might not be active but i know a good player when i get him.