can’t be at the inaguration? eat like it!

Lincoln's inaugural menu

I’m going to be uber jealous of all of my friends and virtual friends who will be celebrating in Washington, D.C tomorrow — but I’ll be watching from the warmth of my office with some cookies and cocoa instead. And I’ll make sure to hide my mascara tonight… because I have a feeling that my tear ducts may just burst wide open.
In case you’d like to have a taste of the inauguration in your own home, you can prepare the same menu that President Obama and co. will be having at the inaugural lunch for your dinner tomorrow: duck breast with cherry chutney and molasses whipped sweet potatoes.  The menu was inspired to celebrate Abraham Lincoln and the theme of the inaguration, “A New Birth of Freedom,” and was selected from some of his favorite foods. If those seem a bit too complicated, you could always simply prepare Cinnamon Apple spice cake. [all of the recipes for the full meal can be found here]

Somehow I have the feeling that anything you choose to eat tomorrow might just taste a bit better…