a new year means more cards


Everyone loves getting mail. Heck, I practically whistle my way to the mailbox each afternoon (Mr. M thinks I’m crazy), but checking the mailbox is still one of my favorite past times of the day! So one of my resolutions this year: more reasons for others to hop, skip and jump to the mailbox via more cards.

And you know what my lifesaver is going to be this year??? Jack Cards!

I’ve used them before, but this year, I’m putting everyone’s information in there and scheduling card deliveries like never before! You see… you just sign up for the cards, then they SEND them to you (real life normal greeting cards) in the mail so that you can send them out on time to your VIPs. They’ll even save you the time of addressing the envelope and pre-stamping the cards! Now it does cost you an extra $0.49 for them to send you the card… but in the end that spare change could mean more smiles for friends, so it’s not that much of a luxury cost.

Now while I’d love to have a crazy card mailing system with cards ready to go for every occassion and organized by mailing date… I know that the system is a ways away from being perfected. So excuse me while I compile the giant list of personal holidays in my JackCards queue. :)


  • StefK

    I love checking the mail. It’s a bizarre pleasure. Todd doesn’t understand either…we live in an apt so we only have one mail key, and I absolutely INSIST on holding onto it. That’s so funny…

  • talda

    this could help me. i still have a card for a “niece” that was supposed to be sent last november. i have suddenly become my aunt!