cut tomatoes or ride a bike?

I was in the middle of cutting tomatoes on Monday night for that night’s dinner pizzas. I felt a tap on my leg, which quickly became a full on body hug from the munchkin.

“Mommy! Let’s ride bikes!”

“Miss L… I’m cutting tomatoes right now.”

“Please Mommy? I’ll get my bike. And my helmet. It’s in that room.”

… I keep cutting tomatoes …

“Mommy. I need help. With helmet. Mommy!”

… I thought of saying, “Miss L! I told you I was busy!” and I stopped myself. I was cutting tomatoes. It wasn’t urgent. No one was going to starve that night. Mr. M wasn’t even home yet and obviously Miss L wasn’t screaming of hunger. My priority was just a preference for order of things. There wasn’t really an excuse other than a preference. And, in all honesty, why wouldn’t I want to get outside on a beautiful day and play?

I put down the knife. Walked to the entry room, and helped secure the bunny helmet on that little head of blonde hair.

And we “rode bikes” (aka. Mommy pushing Miss L as she trys her darndest to push those pedals).

Indulgence in wants is a fine line that parents walk each and every day. But I think I’m getting better at fine tuning my inner voice towards enjoying this second childhood as much as I can. Some things need to be answered “not right now” but a lot of them need more “heck yes!” answers.

She’s teaching me as much about life as I’m teaching her. Maybe even more.