Day 2: EPCOT World Showcase

Since we had conquered most of Future World… we set our sights on conquering the second part of EPCOT — the World Showcase! I’d only made it to the UK in my previous trip… and my culinary tastes weren’t quite as diverse back then… so I was actually excited to go around and see/taste the world (as seen through the eyes of Disney).

We started on a counter-clockwise journey… and would up exploring the UK first! Mr. M was quite sad that the football store only carried Adidas-sponsored teams (he really wanted an Arsenal scarf), but was more than happy when he found out the stores carried Fruit Gums!

Nestle Rowntree Fruit Gums Cartons 140g
While our journey to this land didn’t quite land us back in England, it at least stirred up some fun memories of London, and got us both craving Indian food. Alas… there is not “India” in the World Showcase… so we settled for candy instead.

In the window of the toy shoppe, however, I did spy something awfully suspicious…

IMG_1182 by kimandchris.

Can you spot what it is?? Hmm… well let me give you a close-up photo to share the secret…

IMG_1183 by kimandchris.

Yup! It’s my name! And while it’s quite common, it’s not likely to be found dressed up in store windows or displays very often. I quickly reasoned that this must be part of a clue in the new “Kim Possible: World Showcase Adventure” … and then gave a little shrill of excitement. Yeah… I’m pretty much totally down with KP.

Next on our mind, and our map, was lunch. Mr. M was in a hurry to get to Japan to see what they had there… so we rushed through France and Morocco (where they have bastilla on the menu!!) and onto food!

There were three restaurants available: a noodle house, a modern Japanese restaurant, and a teppanyaki grill. We opted for teppan, and were quickly escorted (sans reservations) to our table for the ceremony to begin.

IMG_1186 by kimandchris.

It was a really nice experience, and filled with lots of ceremonial
rituals that you wouldn’t find at your Americanized teppan locale (i.e.
Benihana). And the food was wonderful to boot! We were the only people
at our table eating with chopsticks (our tablemates seemed astounded
that we didn’t need a fork — we justified it by saying we were from
California, but they didn’t get it) and enjoying the ginger and mustard
sauces, but we also didn’t complain about the lack of “fried rice” on
the menu. We also tried some grill-fried sushi… which turned out to be quite yummy!

After getting uber full of teppan (that counted as dinner, right?),
we walked across the street to explore the rest of Japanland (as Mr. M
started naming all of the countries -land’s), and look what we found!

IMG_1187 by kimandchris.


Yes… you can see the posed excitement on Mr. M’s face right there! However, instead of blindly wandering through the selections, we had an awesome cast member help us indentify what the items were that were new to us.

IMG_1198 by you.

Mr. M excitedly (he’s not showing it, but I think he was getting worn out from the photos by this time in the day) chose this pack of candy, described to us as a chewy candy with a sports drink filled center. This supply of candy ran out about 20 minutes after its purchase… which means it was pretty good and yummy all around.

As we finally left Japan (after lusting after lots and lots of toys in the Mitsukoshi shop), we had the chance to turn in a FastPass we had received for the Kim Possible: World Showcase Adventure over in Italy. After being asked if I’d helped to “save the world” previously, I was handed my very own… wait for it… KIMunicator! While it looked like a plain ‘ol cell phone, it turned out to be a secret operative device that helped me solve clues and save the world… or at least Japanland!
My creation: KP by you.
With my trust Kimunicator in hand, I solved the mystery of the Baby BeeBee’s and restored order to the world… along with like 4 other kids that were doing the same mission that I was on. My phone made chimes ring, fountains dance, and beebee’s bust open… it was all ridiculously cool and wonderful.

After Japan, we wandered through the shops of all the other countries, and wound up watching some Chinese acrobats perform tricks that neither one of us could ever imagine doing. Seriously… good balance is a gift!

IMG_1196 by you.

We went to see China’s CircleVision movie (I remember the old one from Disneyland… this one was a bit better), and ride on the attractions in Mexico and Norway. We learned that one Mr. Donald Duck can cause quite a riot in Mexico City, and that Norway has lots of trolls and tree spirits that cause trouble to people in boats.

We ended our trip around the world with some bakery snacks in Norway:

IMG_1197 by you.

The yummy pastry on the left is School Bread, and on the right we have something else equally as delicious (although Mr. M gobbled it up before I got a bite).

After our long long day, we were still dizzy from Mission:Space and decided that we’d head back to our hotel bar to watch the first half of the SuperBowl… and then head to Downtown Disney for dinner. Sadly, it’s also about the time my camera battery died, so I have no photos of me relgiously checking my iphone for the game score, or of Mr. M sitting next to an adorably loud little baby Mammoth at T-Rex: the restaurant.

But… so it goes… on to Monday…


  • Vir

    Aww such a fun trip! Totally reminds me of our honeymoon since we went there for half of it! And we ate Japanese too. I really wanted to eat in “France” but the lines were way too long! So Japanese it was and then some fried ice cream from a trolley back in the US. :)

  • violarulz

    I wish my dude would consider a Disney honeymoon…. oh well. I think we want to collect real passport stamps on ours, or be blobs on a beach. we’ll figure it out later, right?

  • Tamara

    I’m glad you guys had such a fun time! I haven’t been to Disney in too too long. I’m about an hour west and a few degrees warmer than Orlando, and I’m sorry you two had such bad weather!