happy 5

My “did we really just get married?” look back then is a “we’ve been married for 5 years?!?” today.

I’d tell you the clock was lying if little Miss L wasn’t here as proof that it’s been at least 3 years together… but I still think there’s some sort of trick going on. It’s been so quick – and I wish I could go back and record more of every day just to remember how darn lucky I am. And even though time seems to be flying by, I keep making lists of the next 1,000,000 things I want to do with Mr. M. Like that African safari… or go shuck oysters by the seashore. He’s my best friend and through all the ups and downs that come with life and relationships, he’s there for me each day no matter what and I only hope that I return the favor in his eyes.


Happy 5 years Mr. M :)