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day 7: taking it easy

Our last full day of vacation was supposed to start out with some racecar action at the WDW Speedway, courtesy of the Richard Petty Driving Experience. But thanks to some sort of bad bug, either in the air or in something he consumed, Mr. M was definitely not up for riding 160 mph in a racecar.

In fact, out of pure selfishness, I dragged him out of bed and made him get some fresh air… and also made him play mini golf. Sadly, in order to play the game, we had to take a bus and a boat… and that just really didn’t help with the super nausea that was ruling the day.

But… we were already at mini golf, the sun was shining down, and after Mr. M downed a Coke, he started to feel a little bit better. So we jumped out onto the links and began our Fantasia Golf Adventure….

IMG_1387 by you.

As you can see… these links have a little touch of Mickey and a lot of hints from the movie Fantasia.

IMG_1389 by you.

This hole played music as your ball bounces down the steps… each playing a different note.

IMG_1390 by you.

This little guy trumpets music when your ball goes in the hole. I’m not going to lie, but I jumped a little when it happened…

IMG_1391 by you.

Mr. M takes his mini-golfing seriously… note the “spilled wine” hole behind him.

IMG_1393 by you.

Oh wait… did I say seriously? I meant seriously silly? Mr. M. made me wait underneath the hole that trumpeted water when you successfully navigated the center path…

IMG_1394 by you.

This hole was by far my favorite, and all because of the show, not due to my execution. Sorcerer Mickey is controlling the brooms and the water… and with success you get to see the waves splash around him. 

As you can see in the video above… Mr. M’s ability to capture this super neat water feature on camera was hindered by my golfing handicap.

IMG_1400 by you.

At the end of the game, we each got a limited edition golf ball as our souvenir.

IMG_1401 by you.

And in the end, even though he was nursing the most ridiculous illness that he’s seen in a long time, Mr. M ended up 1 under par. Me… not so much, but at least I only hit the “6 stroke limit” once!

Due to the bus & boat ride home, our plans for dinner at ‘Ohana were cut short… and I was on my own for the night while Mr. M got some much needed rest in a very very still room. I went to the Vinylmation signing event at Downtown Disney, then headed to watch Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios. After concluding that Disneyland’s show is infinitely better than than WDW’s version, minus the fact that there are wandering beer vendors… I went back to the room to pack and nurse Mr. M into plane shape for our flight home.

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  • Tiffany

    Oooh I love mini golf! It’s a must whenever I go on vacation :) Looks fun – I’m so jealous sitting in my office in crummy Indiana where snow flurries haven’t let up in two days. What I wouldn’t give for some warm weather and sunshine right now :)