flashback Friday: the BIG house purchase

Four years ago… this was us!

Happy as clams to be new homeowners! After wading through the first wave of foreclosures in our area (trust me – we saw lots of crazy stuff) and the last of the “newly constructed” homes, we settled on our house, won the bid and moved in.

And while you want to make your house a home immediately, you soon realize that doing this won’t come as quickly as it did in shared space apartments that you’ve been living in for the past many years. Instead, you end up with rooms with no furniture while you debate and decide what you want and save to get it. Or your rooms change purposes when a new family member arrives.

And I then, over time, you realize that the stuff doesn’t make it into a home. You do. Time does. The undone projects make it as much yours as the perfected ones. The messes have your name all over them probably more than the freshly cleaned mirror does.

And while the fresh vigor of being a new homeowner subsides as the years go on (along with the number of trips made to Lowe’s/HD), the projects and ideas still abound, but your need to accomplish them tomorrow sort of aches away. I know that’s what happened to my home blogging long ago. So I’m thinking I should share some of those “before/after” photos with you… just to share how it does evolve over a long period of time and not just the instant “up-do” that we usually like to share. But that does mean I need to get to cleaning… oh boy, maybe I won’t ever get around to those posts then!


  • Karen @sugarspicelivin

    You totally captured where we are at right now!! I’d love to see some before and afters! Plus, I think we are now even closer to you than before– maybe some day we can do a meet up??

    • Kim

      I passed your new house area on Sunday and went, “Hey! I know someone who just bought a house over there!” :) We should do brunch/lunch one weekend! :)

  • Monica

    Love this. I really wish we had taken similar photos in front of our house when we bought it. Ah well! Maybe we’ll do some now and pretend they were taken over a year ago. ;)