03-2009 habit: step #1 – daily tracking

I can’t say I’m interested in losing pounds with this habit, because the number that pops up on the scale is nice and very normal on the BMI side of life. However, the shape that my body is taking and the energy I am lacking is becoming more and more of a concern for me. I’ve been, well, just plain lazy about keeping things in tip top shape and it’s about time I did something about it.

First thing to tackle: Track food/exercise in a daily diary.

I want to see track exactly what I’m eating: calories, fiber, protein, carbs, etc. just to get a better picture of how my habits affect my life. I’m kind of that person who forgot to eat… until it’s 4pm and I have a screaming headache. And that doesn’t really work out too well when I want to have a productive evening and, perhaps, even exercise at the end of it all. So I just want to gauge what’s going on, be a bit more aware of what’s going on, and at the same time keep myself accountable to exercising as well!

But that means I need to find a way to quickly and easily record these things… most likely online or as a computer application. And as I quickly looked around for a solution, I found this iphone application: LoseIt! It’s pretty much the answer I needed for food entries, since I never go anywhere without being attached to it, and I can enter as I go, rather than waiting to download what I ate at the end of the day or rely on a visit to a website.

So that takes care of my nutrtion tracking, but what about the excercise log?

Oh! That’s right here as well! Hooray! I guess that takes care of exactly what I needed!

So for this month,

I pledge to track my daily activities in LoseIt! for every day in March.