from a pin: banana split cupcakes


We threw a “twins” baby shower at work last week for a colleague, and because it’s someone I work with every day, I decided to make sure I contributed something a little extra special to the event. I opened up my “yummy yummy – sweets” board on Pinterest for inspiration and found a link to a dessert I’d discovered over a year ago and had yet to indulge in…

Banana Split Cupcakes

Source: annies-eats.com via kimberly on Pinterest


They were an absolute hit and perfectly fancy/cute enough for the occasion. Take note though, I did subsitute stablizied whipped cream for the frosting listed on advice of the recipe’s author.

p.s. a cupcake corer is a ridiculously non-essential tool, but made did make this recipe very easy to finish in a short period of time (I got mine at Target on super sale for $1.50)

p.p.s. if you still need an invite to Pinterest… just let me know!