red egg & ginger party

This morning, we hopped over to the south side of town to attend a red egg & ginger party for a lovely little girl by the name of Natalie. In case you aren’t familiar with this Chinese tradition, the party is held to celebrate the one-month birthday of a newborn and welcome them into the world by introducing them to family and friends. It originated at a time when infant mortality was high, and the celebration marked a safe occasion to formally name the baby.

The party was held as a large luncheon feast (at, by far, the most extensive buffet restaurant I’ve seen outside of Vegas) and little Natalie went and visited everyone table by table without a fuss. There were red and gold balloons everywhere, face painters as well as one very talented balloon artist who seemed to be able to sculpt just about anything from turtles to dragonflies and Ariel out of little balloons.  But despite my look of longing, he passed by the big kids table and moved on to entertain the little ones. Boo hoo.

It was a lovely celebration though, and we took our red egg home to nosh on at a later time. We also got a mighty cute little magnet from the hosts as a favor which was the perfect memento from a fun event!