cat & jack from target is pretty irresistable

If you haven’t heard yet (or been into your local Target store this past week), there’s a pretty new and irresitable line of clothing out for kids.

It’s called “Cat & Jack” and you can find it all at each and every Target store and online!

And from 7/24-7/30, you get $5 off every $25+ order of Cat & Jack!

Umm…. I may have already made a few purchases on my last run into Target for Gatorade and saltines (sick kiddo this weekend), so I’m not quite sure how anyone will be able to avoid it for long!

*PURCHASED* This dinosaur shirt for girls is pretty much everything! And it's only $10!*PURCHASED* Can we ever pass up an adorable Boston Terrier shirt? Especially when it's $6?!?
You know YOU want this fox pencil case!Seriously... these clothes are amazing! Encouraging kids to "make a difference everyday!" Good thing we have a Target card already!
My 1st grade teacher told my parents I'd probably end up being President some day... it didn't happen for me, but hope that some other girl wears this 'Future President' shirt and dreams and believes big too!I think Miss L and I are going to start using the phrase 'challenge accepted' more and more... I just sort of love everything about it.
I looked everywhere last year for a comfy jacket for Miss L that wasn't a hooded sweatshirt. THIS is exactly what I wanted... it's cute and comfortable!I'm a sucker for great durable skirts... and this one, with its embroidered hearts, fits the bill!