i wonder if i like sugary condiments

Hamburger Cupcakes

I have a real fear of condiments. Such an immense fear, in fact, that I’ll run away screaming if you’re chasing after me with a bottle of mustard. It’s pretty bad.

But I think I could manage working around these condiments… because they’re so clever they’re ok with me. They’re vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate cupcake center, green coconut, and red & yellow frosting… with some sesame seeds for effect.


  • virginia

    Haha Kim! I HATE condiments too! Ketchup makes me itch and I just plain don’t like mayo, mustard, relish etc. I don’t even like salad dressing unless it’s a super, suuuuuper light vinaigrette. Hey, lettuce tastes good plain… ;)

  • Tiffany

    I made those cupcakes (sans sesame seed though). Hubby is just like you (and virginia above)… hates all condiments… even salad dressing! He eats his salad plain.