reading green

Do you happen to be a magazine lover like me? I’ve always been the girl who skips away from her mailbox when the latest issues arrive in my mailbox… and while most of my subscriptions were free or ridiculously cheap, when it comes time to recycle them I always feel a twinge of guilt.

I tried something new a few months ago (yes of course it was FREE) called the “Go Read Green” initiative. Once a month, I get an email notification that my magazine of choice (I chose Popular Photography) is ready to view online, I login and BAM! There’s the newest issue right on my computer. Now I can’t say that it’s the same as kicking back on the couch and reading away, but it’s wonderful a magazine that I skim to begin with.

So if you’re interested, everyone gets 1 free annual subscription to their choice of available magazines to try the service out with NO strings attached. And if you’d like to read more green magazines, then you can subscribe at a usually discounted rate from the mail delivery service. Go ahead and indulge yourself in something new… and no cost to anyone!


  • Janet

    You know I love this! I love magazines but I feel so guilty about buying/subscribing to them (though I pass them on and make whoever I give them to promise to pass them along too).

    Oh! So I was at the thrift store today and saw something I just had to buy you! If you send me your address (through FB maybe?), I will send it to you! :) I hope you like it…