stay away from the new 10


If you actually liked the taste of VitaminWater…. stay the heck away from VitaminWater10! I mean it! Stay far far away from it! Don’t think that it’ll taste the same but with less flavor… because it doesn’t! Instead, they replaced flavor with some gosh awful sweetner and made it taste hideous!

I spent 30 minutes this morning doing core training, and I hopped over to the neighboring Target for some errands afterwards. I’m naturally thirsty, so I pick one of my favorite traditional flavors, MULTI-V (lemonade), up as a “treat” and pop it open in the car. After a big gulp of it, I started to get that “Oh what did you just do to yourself” feeling and instantly put it down. I took one more sip to make sure it wasn’t just post-workout ills… but it wasn’t. It was just really really bad.

I’d rather drink the calories than try to stomach this stuff again. Oh well.


  • Lori

    I completely agree with you! I tried it today and had a hard time getting it down. I can’t stand any sort of “diet” flavor, but for some reason, I had hope that this wouldn’t have that “ick” taste.

  • Cathleya

    I bought one on accident (I wasn’t really paying attention to the fact that it was a 10, and not a regular one) and it was yucky. It’s not, say, the worst thing in the world, but when I realized that I PAID for it, it made me sad. XXX (regular) is quite possibly my favorite drink in the world!

  • sp

    Multi-V is my favorite Vitamin Water, and I made the mistake of buying the new “10” version thinking it was just new packaging. I don’t know why they’re trying to mess with a good thing.
    PS if you like Multi-V you might also like the Trader Joe’s version