fun birthday surprises

I received a few wonderful & unexpected surprises on my birthday (besides Basseterre the bunny — pronounced Bass-Terr) — one including the awesome yellow Tinker Bell shirt from my college (& blogging) buddy Janet! She said she saw it in the store and thought of me and… or probably more my car… and had to get it :) Anyhow, it was soooo nice to get a package in the mail from a friend and I just love it!

I also received a great birthday card in the mail from my in-town friend Michelle! Imagine that! A card from a friend who lives 5 miles away… and I smiled super wide and loved it as well.

I really need to figure out some theme to arrange a package exchange for… because honestly I list going to the mailbox as ones of the highlights of my day. Anyone have any ideas of what we could easily do?!?


  • Janet

    Yay!! I’m so glad you got it and like it! See why I just had to get that for you? :)

    Getting mail is the best! I think it goes back to being in college, when getting a care package was the best thing ever! No great ideas are coming to mind (besides baked goods, haha) but I will keep thinking!

  • Michelle

    Glad you got the card. I would LOVE doing a package exchange. Getting the mail is so exciting. It makes me feel like an adult, especially when it is a bill, which I shred immediately!

  • Disgruntled Julie

    Stationary swaps are always fun! For those who aren’t crafty, they can always buy cute stationary from places like PaperSource or order some stationary on Etsy… and for those of us who are, we can always make some custom stationary for our swap partner with a Gocco, printer, etc. And then… it’s a great motivator to send out more letters to other friends, because you just received some great new stationary in the mail!

  • violarulz

    I’ll be your postcard buddy, if you want. My mom works for the US State Department in South America, she’s a great postcard buddy too. She sent me llamas from Lima last month!