let’s throwback forever!

Pepsi Throwback & Mountain Dew Throwback

As if you haven’t noticed by now, Mr. M and I love the beverages… and we’re pretty apt to trying everything out that we see. The latest commercial indulgence:  Pepsi throwback.

Now, I was raised in a split soda household: mom drank Coke and dad drank Pepsi. I never had a real preference for either, and instead I always went for Sprite or Squirt or Dr. Pepper. But as life wore on, I joined my mom’s side and became a Coke girl, and I pretty much married the essential Coke guy, so needless to say we rarely stumble upon the “other brand.”

But this time I can honestly say…. I will drink Pepsi for the rest of my life if you keep the “throwback” version out there. Seriously. Get rid of that corn syrup and bring back the sugar beets and I will forget all about the cuddly polar bears and throw my allegiance to you. I mean, I drank Pepsi Clear for upwards of two years and then you just threw that one out the door… so I don’t expect you to keep this drink around for that long either. You have to know that the other version tastes hideous in comparison? And I just can’t afford to buy Mexican Coke in bottles for the rest of my life either to get my “real sugar” fix!

I mean, I’m drinking a Pepsi for breakfast… that’s got to say something to a marketing guru out there! But if my message doesn’t go through, try this throwback drink for yourself and please tell me it’s  not 100x better than the syrup stuff we’re forced to deal with on a normal day.

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  • Cathleya

    Viva la Coca Cola! I do have to admit, that this Pepsi packaging is super duper cute! Not cute enough to sway my tastebuds… although I do like diet pepsi (just not regular). LOVE the mountain dew logo!