ice cream week: pinkish-berry yogurt

ice-cream-week_pinkberry by you.

I’m sure that, by now, all neighborhoods have some sort of “Pinkberry/Red Mango” yogurt shop that has brought the fresh tart taste to its dessert lovers. The stuff makes people crazy, as I can’t tell you how much money the city of West Hollywood made off of everyone that double/illegally parked to get their taste of it when the first Pinkberry opened up. I’ll admit I was a crazed fan as well…. until I moved north and got sover…. and decided to make it at home instead.

If you haven’t tasted it before, however, let me simply say that unlike “fro-yo/fro-gurt” which tastes like creamy ice milk, this tastes like yogurt. Plain yogurt… but frozen… and sugary… and yummy… and tart. And hopefully that’ll get you curious enough to try out the recipe!

The recipe is deceptively simple for those with an ice cream maker at home. Simply mix 32 oz. of plain yogurt (pick your favorite brand) and 3/4 cup of white sugar. That’s it!

Whip it together in a large bowl until all of the sugar has dissolved.

Then pour it into your ice cream maker and set your timer for 30 minutes!

When you hear the beeps…. come back and see your frozen concoction!

Pour the frozen goodness into a chilled container (I like to use loaf pans), and stick it in the freezer for at least 3-4 hours before serving!

Then enjoy your pinkish-berry goodness with your favorite toppings! Mr. M loves lychees with his… and I love coconut and berries… but honey, nuts and chocolate shavings work just as well!


  • Stacy

    I need to invest in an ice cream maker. Seriously. Never really thought about getting one, up until recently. Now, I want one even now that you blogged about fro-yo and making it at home.

  • Janet

    Now I’m extra sad that the top of my Cuisinart is broken! I need to find a used one so I have a new top and two bowls! I looooove tart frozen yogurt. So sad there isn’t a Pinkberry in SF!

  • Michelle

    Please invite me over to taste test all of these flavors. While at The Galleria on Sunday, I got some yogurt at Red Mango. It was SO good.

  • Tali

    Be still my heart… It never even crossed my mind to try to find a recipe for this, and are only now starting to see the froyo hitting Austin. When I was in LA earlier this year I ate pinkberry EVERYSINGLEDAY (sometimes twice). I’m gonna be trying the recipe out this weekend! Yay! Thanks!!!

  • M

    Looks delicious! I’ve always wanted to try PinkBerry but there isn’t one that’s close to me.

    An aside, but I have to ask…is that garlic in your freezer?