is that garlic in your freezer?

A comment today from reader M asked if I had garlic in my freezer. And the answer, “Yes. Yes I do!” In fact, I also have Dorot’s basil and cilantro as well!  Basically it’s a tray full of 20 cubed pre-portioned herbs that you keep in the freezer and just pop out when you need them! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in need of garlic only to realize I used the last clove the day before… but with these I never have to worry anymore! And the containers are super small and stackable, so it makes keeping them a snap!

I happen to buy mine at Trader Joe’s, but check out your frozen food section at the grocery store and see if they happen to carry them! :)


  • talda

    my mom keeps ziploc baggies of minced garlic cloves. she just buys a whole lot of garlic and minces and freezes them herself…but she has the extra space with the garage freezer. but i will say it’s sooooo convenient. i’m so doing the same.

  • M

    That’s my question! :) haha…thanks for dedicating a post to it!

    These are great ideas…I always thought you weren’t supposed to keep garlic in your freezer (but now, come to think of it, I have no idea where I heard it from, nor can I think of a reason why you shouldn’t!) so I will have to try it. Those herbs seem very convenient too!

  • Cara

    This is awesome ! I’ve never seen them before.. but will search them out next time I go !

    I have another question, is that TJ’s Pizza dough ?! LOVE LOVE LOVE the herbed one !