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a day with the tonys

Yesterday was spent on the island of Manhattan… and filled with lots of food and music. Thanks to the foresight of a very wise musical theatre junkie (that would be Father M), we had tickets to see both 2009 Tony award winning musicals: HAIR (best revival of a musical) and Billy Elliot (best new musical). I have to say it’s quite exhilarating watching the people you just saw perform on TV on Sunday dancing right in front of you on stage… or in the case of HAIR, dancing in the aisles and on stage with you.

Both musicals deserved their respective awards, but the overall winner of the two was definitely HAIR. Now, don’t get me wrong, I fell in love with Billy (we saw Trent… the Billy featured at the Tonys) himself, but I think the musical will only have staying power as long as the cast is AMAZING. I left Billy Elliot still singing “Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair hair hair HAIR!” even though the daisy behind my ear had wilted and I didn’t get to capture a photo of myself dancing on the stage at curtain call (Yes.. that’s right… I danced on stage with the cast after the curtain call… and got a big hug from Berger too!).

Here’s a brief glimpse of my day yesterday, as told by Sunday’s Tony Awards show on CBS:

Hair – Tony Awards 2009

Billy Elliot performance at 2009 Tony Awards


  • Sherry

    Wow, that’s awesome that you got to see both award-winning musicals! How nice of Father M to get you guys tixx for such fab shows. Hope you all had a great time here in the city. :-)

  • Emilee

    I am delurking to say that I am beyond jealous of your fabulous day! I’m a musical theatre junkie and wish I lived closer to New York in order to see all these shows. Please tell me you got to dance with Gavin Creel (Claude) along with Berger!

  • Mr M

    She actually got a hug from Berger during the after-performance lovefest on stage. The best part of the whole “Hair” experience had to be the 65+-year-old women to our right who, during the full company nude scene, kept asking where Berger was and how much they wanted to see Berger because he was just “delicious.”