ucla football vs. cal 2012

Miss L is no stranger to UCLA football games, as this is was the 3rd game of her lifetime (4th if we’re counting in utero).

UCLA Football vs. Cal 2012 - stadium shot

She may not have made it down to the Rose Bowl for a proper UCLA introduction, but so far her trips to UC Berkeley and AT&T park have been worthwhile to her. I mean, it’s a good thing she doesn’t understand that whole winning/losing stuff at this age, since we’ve yet to win one of those games.

UCLA Football vs. Cal 2012 - Family Photo

But is that even what UCLA football games are about all the time? Isn’t it more fun just running into old friends, making new ones and doing cheers and singing along with the band? (Mr. M is shaking his head in disagreement at this point) OK, OK… winning would be nice, but I’m starting to realize that it’s a luxury at this point… and please don’t even look up the super pathetic score… we lost and we lost big.

So let’s focus on the family and friends aspect of this game shall we?

UCLA Football vs. Cal 2012 - grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa L made the trek north as the faithful Bruin parents that they are to hang out with Miss L.

UCLA Football vs. Cal 2012 - bruin bash

Miss L flirted with the younger crowd at the UCLA Football Bruin Bash pre-game party… this little boy just kept coming back for more and more blown kisses!


UCLA Football vs. Cal 2012 - bear hats

And of course we had to get photo ops in with some of the friends we “ran into” at the game… like this lovely and familiar lady

As well as one of our favorite Sacramento Cal Bear alumni/friends!


UCLA Football vs. Cal 2012 - family crowding

So win/loss/whatever… we all had fun spending a day in true blue/gold!