speaking of the iphone…

Everyone seems to be perking up over the iphone this week with the new release of the 3.0 software today (voice memos are awesome!) and the new 3GS phone this weekend.  It’s old news that I adore my phone (did you know that 2% of the US population owns one?!?), but what I love is that with the applications your love for the phone can grow everyday!

My latest “oh my how did I live without this?” application?  OpenTable for the iphone.

Imagine driving through Manhattan with the Fodors book being flipped in the front seat and others looking wide-eyed at the streets for any sign of restaurants that may be having a Sunday dim sum brunch. A name gets shouted out. The review is found in Fodors — too new to know what it is. YELP is activated on the phone — people rave about it. Open OPENTABLE… check for reservations…. one ready for 12:15 for a party of four. Instant relief… and time to wander to find street parking.

Regular OpenTable is awesome too…. but I think the phone app is even faster than the old-style way to go. And it finds restaurants that surround you, whereever you are.


  • jane

    i heart my iphone too. i want to upgrade … i love the video feature plus editing it on the phone?! so cool! and the compass :) i can go on and on about it too!

  • Stacy

    Only 2% really? It seems like it’s more than that b/c everywhere I look, someone is on their iPhone.

    I do love the OpenTable app. It’s awesome how I can just quickly pull up a restaurant and make a reservation while on the road somewhere. Strange, but awesome!