how to really frost a cake


I must admit that the art of frosting a cake properly was lost on me… until I saw this post on the giver’s log. I always thought that my icing spatula or technique just sucked… but now I realize that the secret is all in the icing tip!


This kind of tip to be precise. And lots of parchment paper as well. But now that I know this, I might actually be able to make a cake that’s presentable outside of its cake pan!


  • Disgruntled Julie

    You can ice a cake just as nicely with an offset spatula… the trick is to do a crumb coat layer first, to provide a smoother base and so that all crumbs stick to that layer, rather than dragging through your top layer. Ice a very very thin layer of frosting on the sides and top of the cake, and then refrigerate for 30 minutes so the frosting will harden. Then, use the rest of the frosting to create a thicker, smooth covering. Works like a charm every time, no special tips required!