happy halloween 2012!


This year, when we asked Miss L what she wanted to dress up as for Halloween, she said, “Cinderella! And Daddy will be Gus Gus. And mommy, you can be Jaq!”

Little did we know that she already cared so much about her costume and the occasion this year! When her dress came in the mail, she was totally entranced, and then she asked, “Mommy? Where are my glass slippers?”Silly mommy didn’t buy glass slippers, so we had to make a special trip to the mall to buy them (you know… one-inch heel light up slippers that are super practical for little princesses… evil eye at Disney consumer products!!!), and then she was truly excited and happy and complete as a future Cinderella.

Tonight will be her 3rd night of “trick or treating” in the costume, 2nd night for Jaq, and first night for Gus Gus.
(p.s. I learned everything I know about creating casual costumes from my time in all-girls environments: high school & sorority)

And even if it rains, I have a feeling that someone is going to enjoy twirling in her fancy blue dress for a couple more hours tonight…

[10/31: edited to add this photo]