Fireworks are for more than just birthdays!

In our household, the fourth of July means something more than BBQs and fireworks…  it’s time to phone the parents and say, “Happy Anniversary!”

That’s right – both of our parents shared the same national holiday for their wedding date – a strange coincidence that we discovered on our 4th date. I’m happy to report that both are celebrating and on vacation to celebrate their 40th & 33rd anniversaries.

Lewis. by you.

The M’s

mom&dad1 by you.

The L’s

So, happy birthday America…. and happy anniversary moms & dads!

One Comment

  • StefK

    That’s awesome!!

    It’s way more special than this, but similar – my dad and step-mom share an anniversary with my husband’s parents.

    It’s not a Holiday though, and I know it’s not my actual, real-life parents, but still a pretty strange, neat coincidence.