M’s Movie Mondays: The Proposal

From Mr. M:

I have a “Proposal”… but before I get to this, I must acknowledge something. If I could choose to wake up one morning in the body and life of another guy, I would be one of two people… Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds. The former is obvious – the man can sing and dance…and he’s got frickin claws. And well, he’s frickin cool. And then the latter, I wanted to be Van Wilder. Now, I have to disagree with his choice of who to marry… Scarlet J has never been anywhere near my top 10 women celebrities… in any category.

Okay, so Kim and I went to see “The Proposal” this weekend. She had made me promise not to see it without her. And we both really enjoyed it. Again, if you’re looking for amazing performances, go elsewhere…but it you want a fun, quirky romantic comedy, this can be your escape. Maybe while your significant other is sneaking into Transformers 2.

The general plot – in case you missed the trailer – is as follows: Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) plays the assistant to Canadian Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock). Early on in the movie, Tate gets in trouble with immigration for ignoring the limitations of her visa (because she’s so career-driven) and is in danger of being deported. Being the demon-boss that she is, she grabs Paxton and plays him up as her fiancé in front of her bosses. When Immigration gets involved, Paxton and Tate have to keep up the farce in front of Paxton’s family in Alaska for Paxton’s grandmother’s birthday celebration. Turns out that Paxton is a bit of an Alaskan Paris Hilton (without the Chihuahuas and other annoying traits) and Tate has a thing for rap and R&B.

Betty White plays the quirky grandmother who is hilarious during the three day affair… the rest of the cast really just serves to complement what’s building between Bullock and Reynolds. I will warn you that the trailer (if you’ve seen it) does show a bunch of the big funny moments…so try not to memorize it before go see the movie.