you can make chocolate everything

There is something absolutely heavenly about the combination of chocolate and sourdough. Perhaps it’s because they’re not supposed to be anywhere near each other on a table… or just that it’s hard to find an ocassion to eat or not to eat this bread. Either way, Zingerman’s chocolate sourdough is a precious commodity in our house when we receive it in the mail, and our loaf is half devoured and half savored in the freezer.

Tuscan's Treat Gift Basket

Along with it, for our anniversary, we received a Tuscan gift basket, which was just about as close to a retreat in Florence that we could ask for! Let’s just say we’re enjoying a bit of a culinary feast for our 2nd time around the calendar.

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  • talda

    i adore zingermans! i would have spent a lot of money at the deli while i was in college if i wasn’t so careful about spending. zingerman’s is always on my list of places to stop off at whenever i’m back in ann arbor.

    oooh, i could so use a turkey reuben now. yum.