old tennis is new again

On Friday, Mr. M and I headed up the road to watch our first World Team Tennis match at the mall… yes… the mall. Each summer, they construct a huge tennis court on the edge of the parking lot for the month of July for the events and concessions (where they sell those uber cool giant tennis balls!).

We happened to go to this match because Michael Chang was making his WTT debut for our Sacramento Capitals… and while he lost his sets (singles & men’s doubles), it was still a great night to be out and watching tennis! When I asked Mr. M if he had sat this close to the court before, he looked at me as if I was crazy wrong, since I guess his Wimbledon visits were bit closer with bigger stars. When I added the qualifier, “have you sat this close at a hard court match?” he conceeded that this was the closest he’d been. I can easily say it’s the closest I’ve been for a match though, as I only got closer when I’d stop by the courts at UCLA to watch Pete Sampras practice on my walk back to the dorms.

If you happen to have a WTT team near you, it’s well worth the trip to watch a marquee match-up! Anna Kournikova is here tonight for her match, and even the Williams sisters are playing matches this month for their respective teams. The $10-20 tickets sure beat the price of ATP matches or a gram slam. :)


  • talda

    i didn’t even know that existed! wow, i’ll have to check that out sometime. especially if you get to check out big names for that small sticker price.

    oh, and i tagged you for a meme. not sure if you want to do it but if you’re interested [or curious] you can check it out here: