a fancier way to evite?

I saw a story about the Paperless Post today on TV… a service that delivers pretty paper invites to your guests, but in the form of a virtual image instead.

While the invites are pretty… and come to your inbox in the shape of a clickable envelope… they aren’t completely free. The virtual stamps cost anywhere from 5-8 cents… depending on how many you purchase. But there are pretty cool features, like RSVP counts and the ability to sell tickets or solicit donations right online, that are attached to the service.

I could see this being a cute way to send dinner party invitations, or even larger events where the paper cost would be too much… but I’m not sure it will easily replace the ubiquitous that’s still free and easy to use. As for me… paper will always win out as the fun way to send an invitation, and I enjoy supporting my local mailman in the process.

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  • Jen

    have you tried It seems like a happy medium between these 2 – it is free, but not as pretty, but it is still more pleasing than evite.