peaches and artisan soda

Miss L requested peaches from the Farmer’s market on Sunday, so I indulged her wishes. We brought home about 20 of them… all pretty near ripe and ready for eating. But 20 peaches is a few too many for any family who isn’t canning or making pies for every neighbor, so I thought I’d have a bit more fun with them and turn them into soda for the whole family.


I got this great book in the mail the other day for review, The Artisan Soda Workshop, and it has lots of recipes for translating fresh ingredients into soda show-stoppers. While I am seriously intrigued by all of the agua fresca options and recipes, I decided to start simple and try out the “peach syrup” recipe and go from there…



And my how easy it was! But really… that’s not the fun part of the whole thing. It’s the delicious drinks that come from the syrup that really make it worth the while!

I experimented around to bar to make two delicious drinks… and of course, feel free to modify them to your desire of sweetness! The simple peach soda was a hit with Miss L, and Mr. M helped me refine my mixtures on the cocktail version featuring my favorite liquor, St. Germain.


Suddenly the summer tastes so much better! Do you have any favorite homemade soda recipes especially for the summer?


  • Kate

    I made peach syrup earlier this summer and used it to make peach lemonade (add in some peach vodka for the grown up version)

  • Jess G

    I have a friend who shares your favorite liquor (St. Germain), and she comes over for dinner regularly. Looks like I need to visit the farmers market to stock up on peaches! Thanks for the idea, I can’t wait to try it.