cold brewed is totally the new hot


Remember when I talked about how awesome my experience with cold brewed tea was? Well, it looks like the cold-brewed coffee trend is picking up as well. What really peaked my interest was that it claims to produce coffee that’s 70% less acidic than a hot brew, which should truly make anyone’s stomach lining happy. Now, the main catch is that you have to wait 12 hours for the good stuff to arrive… and you won’t get to wake up to the smell of it brewing… but the guarantee of good coffee without dousing it in creamer sounds highly intriguing. I mean, drinking Starbucks coffee without enduring the immediate pain?? I can only imagine!

Has anyone tried cold brewed coffee?? Am I crazy for wanting to?

p.s. It’s super eco-friendly too — since it uses a stainless steel filter & it’s BPA-free plastic!


  • Erin

    I like the idea, just not the time it takes! I make iced coffee every morning– I brew my normal cup, but pour it in a tall glass, filled to the brim with ice. Add a little Coconut Creme Coffee Mate and you have a delicious homemade iced coffee for a fraction of Starbucks (or even McD’s)!

  • Sarah

    Just came to your site from the bump (welcome!) and saw this. I tried the NY Times recipe — you put grounds in water in a jar over night and then strain — a few weeks ago and it was just okay. It didn’t taste like magic coffee or anything and given the mess and how long it took, I wasn’t sold on doing it again.