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Last night, I got to indulge myself in a little bit of fun “bopping” of my head (I learned how much that whole head-banging thing hurt back when I was a kid) and some hopping along with the crowd as well… as Mr. M and I had floor tickets for the Green Day concert last night. I hadn’t seen Green Day in concert since I was a teenager… back when they were touring for their first 2 albums and were a little bit more “punky” than they currently are. And just like it was back then, last night I played the part of a “poser” who loves their music but no one would guess that I can sing every Garth Brooks song by heart… or that I fall asleep to Yanni. I love music, and more than that, I love performers who put on a show that’s better than anything I could ever hear on the radio. And I can easily add last night’s experience to one of those ultimate shows… thanks to the insanity of Billy Joe and pals… Anyone who can scream and yell and then hit the perfect notes in a ballad (while playing a mean acoustic/electric guitar) wins 1000000 points with me!


Mr. M walked into the concert not really being a fan of Green Day. Sure he had “21 Guns” stuck in his head for two weeks straight awhile back, but I think while I was watching MTV in high school… he was actually studying or just “college-ing” in general down south. Despite his threats of leaving early, he was waving his arms and punching the air, and smiling and laughing with the rest of the crowd as we interacted and responded to the show and stayed until the bitter midnight end. The show highlights involved Billy Joe and the audience… where people jumped on stage to sing, play guitar and crowd surf… and when he shouted at everyone to put down their cameras and phones and LIVE the experience rather than record the snippets and memories. (I obviously broke this rule for a couple of snapshots with my iphone… but kept myself digi-free for the night otherwise) The crowd was made up of people in their 50’s all the way to the age of 5… which made the dynamic quite different from how it was when I saw them as a teenager, and made for very interesting crowd-watching! Just imagine the range of bopping that can occur in such a crowd!

[a view from above where we were… way down in the center of that mass of people]

So even though my throat is sore and my legs are tired from the bopping/hopping/standing on concrete, I’m so glad that we went to a big ‘ol rock concert on a Monday night. And I’m so glad that I’m taller than the majority of people who attend concerts… so I can stand anywhere and have a great view. :)  ***YAWN***

Anyone up for seeing “American Idiot: The Musical” with me next month??? Come on… it’s like “Spring Awakening” on steroids I’m sure…