thank you thank you thank you

Thankful by Hryck..
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Thank you sooooooo very much for all of the love and support you’ve shared with Mr. M and I over the past few days. I’m thinking that Baby M really felt the love, and has decided to ease up on the pain he/she is causing mommy…. cause just like a switch was flipped… I suddenly feel amazingly better in all aspects of daily life!

Not too much has drastically changed in our household… except that I leave lots of evidence of my hunger/thirst cravings around the house for Mr. M to notice. Open cabinets, crumbs where crumbs shouldn’t be, and seemingly hundreds of glasses (some filled, some empty) on every surface of the house. And I’m always in search of one of my two Bella Bands… and can never find the color-coordinating one to match when I’m looking for it. But no nursery prepping or drastic changes have begun just quite yet… we’ll try to make it to Christmas before tackling anything too wild and crazy! (p.s. I have no control over decor… Mr. M has taken the lead in our gender neutral nursery outing)

But I do have to say “sorry” for the neglect that the blog has suffered. My usual “blog time” in the evenings was sucked up by 4-hour naps and general bouts of wooziness on the couch. Meal plans went out the window when I got nauseous smelling bread from 10 feet (did you even know that bread smells?) and my appetite craved either In N’ Out or jello. Pictures didn’t get taken… weekends got boring… and in all, things just went by in a sleep-induced blur. I can happily say that it’s over and my nights are back though, along with my appetite, so I’m hoping that normal blogging comes back in step as well.

So thank you thank you thank you once again… :)


  • Mr M

    Imagine this scene: You wake up early one morning, look to your right, and your significant other is sleeping quietly. You get up, decide to head downstairs for a quick breakfast, round the corner to the kitchen, and your mind explodes into 80s horror/psycho sounds. Four kitchen cabinets are thrown open, there’s a half-cooked steak on the grill, and the microwave door is open (revealing what looks like a ketchup explosion experiment gone wrong).

    Love you honey :P

  • Sherry

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so excited for you two and your new addition to the family. Just from following your blog all these years, I know that you will make a wonderful mom. :-) Best wishes on a smooth pregnancy!

  • talda

    lol mr. m! you forgot the jar of mustard dripping from the counter!

    i hear that first couple of months are a complete energy suck! but i’m glad to hear you’re doing well. no need to apologize. i’ve neglected my blog as well but your reason is much better than mine. haha.

  • Julie S.

    As much as you may not think so now, your energy WILL come back, but right before baby comes, it will go away. So make the most of it but don’t overdo! :) Best wishes!