end of summer refresher

As the “calendar” summer comes to a close this week, I thought I’d take a time out and refresh my blog lists and subscriptions before the weekend arrives. I try my best to subscribe to as many of my reader’s blogs as I can… but I’m sure I’m missing quite a few… especially from people who aren’t the commenting type.  Since I do want to read & comment on your blogs, simply leave a comment here in this thread and shout out your blog! Come on, don’t be shy! :)  It’ll be a nice spot for others to find some new blogs to follow as well!

I also “restyled” my Twitter page last night. It still needs a bit of redesign help (not a very friendly format for multiple screen sizes), but I’m happy it least looks distinct and all mine. Check it out… and click “follow” if you already haven’t… I’m really quite good at following readers who sign up to follow me!