and the shopping spree begins

Yesterday, Mr. M and I drove out to the burbs and purchased the first major pieces of furniture for the new room in our house… and thus begins the “baby purchase” portion of our lives. After a long day of feeling like deer caught in headlights at the awesome independent baby store, we decided that the first set we liked was still the favorite, and settled on purchasing it over time using some artful coupons and such. Turns out we didn’t actually wait that long… as a handy google ad on the side of my Fantasy Football roster alerted me to the fact that the pieces were on sale over the weekend. So we hopped into the car, made a special trip out to make the order, and now wait until the hefty packages arrive at the store.

And while I’d like to share what else is planned for the nursery, I must admit that I have no idea. You see… Mr. M has made a deal that if I refuse to find out the sex of the baby, then he gets to decorate the nursery. I’m not completely out of the loop for major decisions, but the theme and design are all in his hands now. And while I might be sad that I’m missing out on some of this fun… I’m also getting an extra surprise out of the deal. Then again… who knows if Mr. M will be able to sweet talk an ultrasound rep to whisper the details to him on the side. I seriously wouldn’t put it past him!


  • Julie

    I think it is so fun that you are going to wait and be surprised as to the gender! Unfortunately, I will never have that luxury, since my husband is a radiologist and is quite capable of reading ultrasounds… and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to ban him from attending any ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy! Unfortunately, even if HE didn’t tell me the gender, he would tell his mother, and since she has the biggest mouth ever, I am 100% certain it would get back to me!

  • Michelle

    My mom loves Goore’s. She drives all the way up here from FF to buy things for her granddaughters. I can’t wait to see what Mr. M picks out for the theme!

  • StefK

    Goore’s is my faaaavorite baby store…we spend too much time in there for two people without trying to conceive even on the brain :) …I loooove that furniture! So beautiful. So excited to see how the nursery all comes together!! Yay! Fun stuff!

  • talda

    i’m always amazed at people who can last the nine months without knowing the gender because i couldn’t do that. i suck at surprises if i know they’re coming. so either i can’t know i’m pregnant or i’m gonna have know what i’m having. lol.

  • TikiBird

    Whoohoo, some baby-related postings! :) If you’re not finding out, Mr. M better not sneak any peaks, either!

    I hope your tech isn’t as evil as ours, who gave us the sealed-up photo to take home that revealed the sex! That was hard to keep from looking at for the next few months.