the secret water weapon

With only a few short weeks left before I run that “race thing” … I’ve decided I need to start super hydrating myself. And since it’s really hard for me to drink lots of water on a normal basis, I’ve turned to drinking the one kind of water that is really really easy for me to drink: penta water.

If you’re a super water drinker, you might not relate to anything I’m saying here and simply think I’m crazy. But, I’ve always had a really really tough time gulping down the stuff. I have to put some sort of flavoring in my water to make it go down… or else I get really sick to my stomach. Ironic, huh? And thanks to the advent of things like True Lemon, I can say that my water intake has truly increased over the years.

But after running, I want pure water… not flavored water. And since my body hates regular water, this usually means I don’t drink more than 8 oz of it after a run. Which is dumb, and makes me feel worse and makes recovery worse too. Evil evil water.

So this is where my secret weapon comes in. I was introduced to the stuff by the lovely A.J. Langer (a lady many of us know as Rayanne) at a FMS support group way back in the day in Santa Monica. She wasn’t being paid to endorse it or push it at all, but just shared personally about how wonderful it was to help her hydrate and how it was the only water she’d ever been able to drink easily. So I bit on her personal recommendation (we were the only women in the room under 40, so I felt a kindred spirit) and went to buy some.

I tried it. And I thought it was voodoo magic. And then I told my mom. And she tried it. And she thought it was creepy. And the next thing you know, she’s special ordering crates of it from the local grocery store and I’m picking up bottles whenever I see it on sale. It’s the water I can guzzle with ease, and other than all of the scientific reasons for it being better water, I just know that I can drink it with ease and not get sick so I like it more than Coca-Cola.

So from now until race time, I’ll be guzzling a few extra bottles of this stuff when I know I need more water… and I’m packing some True Lemon for the trip too. There’s no way this girl is ending up dehydrated after trekking 13.1 miles on concrete…