Happy Post-Halloween!

Starring Captain Malcolm Reynolds & the “new” Tinker Bell [see below]

See… I told you I was going to be a UN Ambassador! :)  It just so happens that little miss Tink was named as the UN Ambassador of Green this past week!

Tinker Bell will greet the fall season in jacket, leggings and boots in her new adventure, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure.
the “new” Tinker Bell — for her new movie “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”

Mr. M and I constructed our costumes from a combination of new and old things… and I think they worked out pretty well. I used a Peter Pan costume as the base of mine, and then went to work with some fabric and pins and thread for the rest of it. While I wasn’t completely neon green, I think I ended up pretty close to her new digs… even down to the acorn pin.

Even though we were only dressed up for a few hours, I was happy we had someplace to go, and remembered how fun playing dress up really is. Mr. M would have been a wonderful companion for the endless dress-up parties in college… I can only imagine the silly things we would have come up with! For now, we’ll just have to wait another year and then start thinking of silly family costumes that we can enlist a little baby to join in on!


  • Cathleya

    Awww how cute!!! Mark was not as spirited in his costumes. Past costumes included Meaty Cheesy Boy (do you remember those jack in the box commercials?) where he just pinned a Jack antenna topper to his shirt, Edward 40 hands, and his favorite, a Bicycle Missionary.

  • Michelle

    You guys are adorable! I was driving to my house on Saturday thinking about your costume as “U.N. Ambassador” and scratching my head. You look fantastic!

    I hope you can come over and check my new crib soon! It is such a short drive from your work!

  • Jen

    I couldn’t reconcile your “UN Ambassador” costume with your need for green tights. I get it now! Very good Mal costume as well.

  • Lourdes

    Totally jealous over here — you looked great! Craig and I are hoping to dress Wes as Peter Pan one year, Craig will be Smee and I’ll be Hook (because I just could not pull off Tinker Bell).